We are regularly visited by backpackers, HelpXers and other travellers. Everyone is welcome at Mt. SoNNoS, as long as you are happy to comply with our House Rules (please, read them carefully).

We prefer you to stay at least a couple of weeks so we can both get the best out of your stay with us. You are welcome to visit us before committing to anything, and we can as well make some special arrangements for people who comes with specifics skills (gardening, building, healing, …).

Please contact us if you’d like to come.

What We Do

We ask people to be prepared to live with Mother Nature and the sunlight Father Sky and to contributing in the morning their energy and creativity for the community. We discuss the day tasks during breakfast at 8am, and work together from 9am to 1pm. The afternoon is for personal projects. 

The morning work is about anything that would need to be done for the good of the community. Here is the kind of general activities you might encounter while staying at the Spirit of Nature community: Gardening following organic permaculture/biodynamic principles, landscaping, tree planting, collecting wild food and herbs, managing the forest for wood, waterworks, clay and earth work-projects, taking care of the chickens, arts and crafts, sharing ideas, cooking meals together on a wood stove, discussing thousands of things of interest, hiking, going to the beach, singing and playing music together.

Our place

Our place is a great base for a variety of hiking trips through a unique nature & landscape. Ideal for internal, soul and spiritual journey & vision-quest, as well as for outdoor adventure. A place for deep relaxation, healing, inspiration, fitness & wellness. You can experience very interesting & like-minded people next to an amazing mountain  setting with astonishing views,  forest-park, lagoon,  estuary, river and beaches with save swimming.

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We hope to see you here!  It is important that this is the time to support each other and find new solutions  and start a new Mother Earth loving Lifestyle. All this is possible together!

What to bring ? A sleeping bag if possible, music instruments (acoustic only),  art tools, good books to share and happiness. Sorry no dogs.
** We strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Please do not bring drugs or alcohol.