The Founder

Ursus Schwarz,  in English BLACK BEAR, about my self. . .

I was Born into a Artist Family in Switzerland and went as child to a Rudolf Steiner School in Zurich.

From early on I knew I wanted to live in nature.  This led me to learn  Bio-Dynamic and Organic Farming and Gardening. In order to get a Diploma, I studied conventional agriculture as well. This was an eye opener because, I could see the link between the Agrochemical Industry and the professional education sector in Agriculture. They preach us the dogma that we can feed mankind only with the support  of the Agrochemical Industry business  and they repress then any  Bio-Dynamic and Organic Farming and Gardening ideas.

In the 1968 I was involved in the Cultural revolution in Prag, Paris, and  Zurich. Our generation felt then that the capitalistic  system was destroying our children`s future. This deep concern was the driving force behind that 1968 movement.  The main aim was to bring real democracy into the education system as well in to the Economical Industrial  world.  Because of this, the system was fighting us, the revolution, as their enemy.  We became repressed and lost the revolution. But the revolution changed my consciousness and the consciousness of many others of my generation. I and others followed alternative directions for the years afterwards and abandoned the main stream path of the consumer society. The alternative direction in my case was building self sufficient Communities in the Mountains of the Swiss alps and later in New Zealand and Italy. Consequently, I have started and formed the movement from Mountain-Peopel (Bärglütli) , the New Walser Bund and then later I become a receiver of the Global Native Vision.

With this two books I reveals the Global Native vision to the world and to the future