Spirit of Nature

The intentional community Spirit of Nature, at Mont SoNNoS (Spirit of Nature, Nature of Spirit)

Established in the 1980s by the visionary of the Global Native mouvement, Ursus (Black Bear), the intentional community Spirit of Nature located in Golden Bay in New Zealand is a place for like-minded people to live together by the Global Native principles.

Located on a hill, the place is self-called Mont SoNNos (Spirit of Nature, Nature of the Spirit).

Our place is a great base for a variety of hiking trips through a unique nature & landscape. Ideal for internal, soul and spiritual journey & vision-quest, as well as for outdoor adventure. A place for deep relaxation, healing, inspiration, fitness & wellness. You can experience very interesting & like-minded people next to an amazing mountain  setting with astonishing views,  forest-park, lagoon,  estuary, river and beaches with save swimming.

It is important, this is the time to support each other and find new solutions  and start a new Mother Earth loving Lifestyle! All this is possible together!

The community has been established in the 1980s by Ursus (Black Bear) and owned by the Bioversity SoNNoS Charitable Trust since the early 2000s.

The People
Ursus is the visionary of Mt. SoNNoS and lives there permanently.  There are as well long- and short-term residents all year, from 1 to 12 or more at a time. Many young people are passing through to visit while others choose to stay. We are always open to new arrivals who wish to experience life as a Global Native.

What We Do
Gardening following organic permaculture/biodynamic principles, landscaping, tree planting, collecting wild food and herbs, managing the forest for wood, waterworks, clay and earth work-projects, taking care of the chickens and goats, arts and crafts, sharing ideas, cooking meals together on a wood stove, discussing thousands of things of interest, singing and playing music together.


The hut with the communal area is the centre point of our community. There are caravans, as well as a yurt depending on who is staying at the time. There is plenty of space for camping in tents or vehicles.

Our projects are still at a pioneering stage. The next generation will develop them to the next level.
We are looking long- and medium-term volunteers and for a Headmaster or Vocaliser (for the Bioversity-Liveschool) and Caretaker for the huts and land.

Click for more information about your possible stay in our intentional community.

The Vision of a sustainable earth
To establish a new Mother Earth Loving Culture – click here to read about Global-Native.

The Land of nature

A 7.2 ha (21 acre) hillside property, overlooking the beautiful Golden Bay waters and backed by the Alps. An almost entirely frost-free subtropical microclimate, we have a year-round vegetable garden plus avocados, lemons, olives, chestnuts, apples, pears, plums, manuka, grapes and more. There is plenty of tree cover, spring water as a drinking source and fish ponds. With only a 10-minute forest walk to the beach it is pure nature!

1891 Takaka – Collingwood Highway, Milnthorpe, Golden Bay, South Island, New Zealand.

We are living on a scenic hillside overlooking the beautiful landscape of Golden Bay and the “Top of the South”, 25min drive from Takaka.

Regional Culture Golden Bay is known for its versatile alternative culture with many interesting initiatives, meetings and suggestions. Locals often see us as a regional alternative community and new global culture.

Coming from Takaka,  you find in the Milnthorpe Forest Park  area on your left a colourful sing pointing up the hill “ SPIRIT OF NATURE “This is opposite of the turn to the Milnthorpe quay on to the right marked with a blue sign.

So if you following this colourful sing on your left a pointing up the hill “SPIRIT OF NATURE” it is 300 Meter and you are here. Welcome home !

There are good Hitchhiking opportunities and so far this is safe as well for women.

There is once a day a Bus from Nelson 3.30 PM to Takaka /Collingwood 6.00 PM (Cost approx. $ 45.oo). If you tell the driver he will stop for you right on the Highway in Milnthorpe Forest Park, where our sign is and our drive starts up the hill.

Our motto:

  • Mother Earth is Paradise · Small but nice
  • Love is great and unconditional
  • From duality to wholeness

** We strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Please do not bring drugs or alcohol.

Our wishes:

    • Fixed Beautiful, profound ceremonies, good harvests, cheerful and happy people who are able to solve problems and to create a new mother-earth-culture.
  • Be able to welcome you here to live with us, for example by the Global Rainbow Gathering Native tradition, or otherwise to network with like-minded people.
  • A loving spirit that we maintain that blesses and protects us.
  • Healthy growth as a tribal community with neighbourhood or village character.
  • That the natural educational projects with the Bioversity thrive well, and our time-out, social therapy and green tourism offers attract more and more interest.