PACHAMAMA Event in TICINO Switzerland





Sommer-treffen IST ZU ENDE in den Tessiner Alpen, Strada Alta
mit Shanti Unity & Global-Nativ.  WWW.GLOBAL-NATIVE.ORG
 mehr INFO:  //  077 401 65 30

Für mehr info nimm mit uns Kontact auf!
Gemeinsam  sind wir stark für den Aufbau von
Neuzeit STAMM & einer Liebevollen Mutter Erde
Kultur & Bewusstes Sein. Wir suchen gleich-
gesinnte zum Leben, Aufbau &Vernetzung. Einige von uns
Leben auf freiem Land & Entwickeln eigene Wald-
schule, Permakultur, Garten , Landbau, Kunst &
Handwerk, Alternative Technologie, Jurten, Bauwagen, Lehmhäuser!
sind wir Indianer, Erdianer oder WWW.GLOBAL-NATIVE.ORG

neues, „BEWUSSTES – SEIN“ für dich & Mutter – Erde
Was wollen wir GLOBAL-NATIVE mit dem PachaMama Event bewegen ?
PachaMama steht für Mutter Erde und wir möchten mit dem PachaMama Event Menschen zusammen bringen, die wie wir die Vision in sich tragen zusammen eine Liebevolle Mutter Erde Kultur aufzubauen. . .
Wir haben Jahrzehnt lang mit der alternativ Bewegung, mit der grünen Bewegung und der spirituellen Szene gelernt, dass wir was grundlegend neues tun müssen um aus der Dominanz von Kapitalismus und Egoismus uns zu befreien. Daraus entstand die VISION der GLOBAL- NATIVEN und später das Konzept Zukunfts-Kultur-Inseln. Nun haben wir GLOBAL-NATIVE, das erste mal in der Geschichte dafür freies Land in der Schweiz zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen, ( Bauern-Hof in guter Lag in der Ostschweiz ) und können nun diesen PachaMama Event in der Schweiz anbieten und durchführen.
Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten im entstehenden GLOBAL-NATIVE Netzwerk sich zu beteiligen und sie können auch verschieden kombiniert werden. Einige Beispiele:
– Schnuppern, Reinschauen, Teilzeit.
– Probehalber mit machen und zusammen entwickeln und Aufbauen.
– Festes Mitglied werden und voll mitverantwortlich mitentscheiden .
Es gibt die Möglichkeit auf unserem Startup Camp zu leben mit Zelt, Tipi, Yurte, Camper und es gibt eine beschränkte Anzahl bereits existierender Wohnräume.
Es gibt die Möglichkeit, von Garten und Landbau, Permakultur, Kunst und Kunsthandwerk, Therapie und Sozialtherapie, freie-Natur-Pädagogik, Bio-Bau, sanfte- alternative Technologie, Grüne Wirtschaft, Soziales und Dienstleistungen usw., aktiv zu werden und solches auch zu lernen; in der dafür geplanten BIOVERSITÄT-Lebensschule. Das Potenzial ist beachtlich und es kommt nun darauf an ob es Nachhaltig genutzt wird. Es gibt auch viel zu besprechen und zu informieren. Deshalb haben wir folgende Möglichkeit geschaffen:


Invitation  : to People interested in  . . . the
special purpose RAINBOW GATHERING & SEED-CAMP for the
Invitation  :   for People interested in learning & developing a base & seed camp LIVE-SCOOL-BIOVERSITY, community & new age tribe experience, craft, permaculture, gardening, farming, cooking on open wood fire, various type of Art, Video-documentation, perhaps a Musical production: “Europe / Mankind – What Future?” in Switzerland. This is intended to give everyone the opportunity to make a RAINBOW GEATHERING & GLOBAL-NATIVE / PACHA MAMA / MOTHER EARTH – community & new age tribe experience. With the support of our Rainbow Brothers and Sisters & volunteers, we will build together on free land our new LIVE SCHOOL –BIOVERSITY  project for the young & old. And if you enjoy it you might like to stay & become a long-term member of our project and stay much longer as October. . .

Things to bring;

–          Outdoor equipment, tent, sleeping bag etc. For the elderly, or those who can’t sleep in tents there is limited space in rooms / yurts / caravans / tipi & some P for cars and campers available on request. .

–          Bring your ideas, music and peace in your heart plus instruments and books to share

–          Approx 5 / 5 CHF for shared food and cooking & kitchen per day

–          Family & Kids are welcome – we are living in a safe environment

–          Things NOT to bring; Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Dogs, electronic-games.

Things to do: Building up a base camp & various type of Art, Video-documentation, perhaps a Musical production: “Europe / Mankind – What Future?” (if some interested people turn up). There will be craft, permaculture, gardening, farming, cooking, collecting firewood and wild herbs, social work, developing new Projects like a LIVE-SCOOL-BIOVERSITY & starting new technologies, scouting for new places & much more…

The Place: We have been given a space in Tichino, Switzerland, to start growing a strong GLOBAL-NATIVE new age tribe and Eco village-project “ISLAND FOR FUTURISTIC CULTURE” (ZUKUNFTS- KULTUR-INSEL).

Please contact us by e-mail for further information –

*But who are the Global Natives? We discovered that we are Native to Mother Earth and we are determined to create a new loving peaceful culture together with likeminded people (something like the GLOBAL-NATIVE new age tribe and Eco village-project) because this is our life purpose! To do this, is joy, fun, creative and makes more sense than joining the mainstream. We are living the change. . . The change which we want to see for us and the Planet, we are doing it right now!


Information for people who want to take part in the Global Native PACH-MAMA – MOTHER EARTH experience & would like to stay with us.

Conscious decision – to create a new Mother Earth culture. We Global Natives have made a conscious decision to be a part of a movement to create a new loving & caring Mother Earth culture, in order to overcome the domination from Capitalism & Egoism – & the destructive habits of the modern main-stream civilisation. We want you too to become a successful creator & make such a conscious decision for yourself, which will benefit your stay with us. These conscious decisions & choices are ones of several necessary conditions for our Global Native live experience & new awareness, in order to build a strong social structure for our new age tribe-community.

No harmful action against you, us and Mother Earth, such as Tabacco, alcohol etc.

We like to remind ourselves to stay away from harmful action against people and Mother Earth like the consummation of negative energy & substances like tobacco, alcohol, unnecessary fossil fuel or other forms of harmful energy & matter to the environment and us! Be & eat healthy! You are what you eat! Become the creator of the life you want to see.

Daily natural rhythm with the Sun and Mother Earth (this italic part is for those interested in their spiritual growth, doing Yoga or Meditation & connection to their Higher Self. We like to remind ourselves to be pro-active, to evolve and grow consciously in all our actions, in order to create a new loving Mother Earth culture. Therefore we can connect to the greater daily natural rhythm of the Sun and Mother Earth. With this we can improve our spiritual, social and physical growth with the daily natural rhythm, together with the sunlight. Getting up one hour before sunrise, having then one hours time for our spiritual, creative & social growth,& connection to our Higher Self, to experience the transformation from darkness into the light, as a daily conscious transformation experience from own darkness into our own light – the Higher Self). Soon after sunrise we have breakfast together and are ready for our physical and creative activities: 4 hours organic work & karma yoga until noon. Then we have lunch together! After lunch we have a long individual time for our recreation, followed by two hours karma yoga from 4 to 6 pm, and then we have dinner together.

Karma yoga means doing good and helpful input into our development of our community – tribe and for our spiritual, cultural, economical and physical growth, without expecting any direct benefit to you such as money or any other form of payment, exchange, food or accommodation. In other words we are a little bit different than other WWOOFing or HelpEx places. We are building together with conscious volunteers (like you) a new loving Earth Culture and futuristic-holistic island in the ocean of capitalism and Egoism. Global-Native experience is much more then an easy going holiday . It is THE experience of creating a new culture and possible future, for you & us. Please make Koha and donation for our food and other basic running costs. A minimum of 5 per day is needed. If you can afford more towards materials, this would be great. Please give your donation directly to the caretaker at the beginning of your stay. This is because the Global-Native cultural initiative is not a business. And we cannot afford to sponsor the valuable and important experience you can make here. We like to keep all the donation and financial matters of our community transparent. If you cannot afford the donation of 5, do not hesitate to discuss it with the caretaker or our community, in order to find a sponsor or another solution for you.

If you wish to take part in this Global-Native experience with us,  Please be aware that you are doing this at your own risk. Thanks. BB.23.5.15

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