Life Practice


A widely range of the nature and indigenous people – the natural tribes – have been endlessly exploited, oppressed, turned into slaves or even eradicated.
The obligation of the Global Native movement is to stop this process. People who feel themselves connected to the vision of the Global Natives for a life in harmony with mother earth live in small or big places in the countryside. They are singles, couples, families, groups and communities. Most of them are still searching for the right piece of land to settle themselves. But it is difficult to find something like a communal land without pushing yourself into debts by buying expensive land because nowadays most of the people try to build a self-sufficient
But there are possibilities! For example by networking ourselves with existing
places and people who already live a life in that way or by trying to get support from the system. Furthermore with forming your own groups and communities who settle themselves in areas which are affected by the rural depopulation, steppe-forming and deforestation. Also with services to the society like special therapy types, likewise the Time-Out social therapy or educational projects (there are already good examples like the Camphill-Village movement). But as well the offer of sustainable, green eco tourism is a possibility so like-minded people from the agglomeration centers can spend their holidays and free time with us to breathe a little bit of alternative air from the countryside.
If you are interested in more details feel free to contact us.