Do you feel the need to look for an alternative lifestyle in harmony with nature? Would you like to learn how to live of the land?  Are you ready to become an active member in the creation of a Mother Earth loving culture? 

We are global natives, a growing  network looking to spread awareness and figure out solutions in the path  towards the creation of a new culture rooted in respect and love to our home, Mother Earth.

A Global Native is a person that feels deeply connected to Mother Earth; a person that feels the duty to take care of the biodiversity of our planet and who is actively searching for solutions to move towards a peaceful and sustainable future.

We are hosting people every time to learn together, share our skills, talk about how our present choices will affect the future, make new connections, find innovative solutions, keep spreading awareness and support  each other during these times of change.

Become a global native, be part of this global movement and make history with us!

Do you want to create a new way of living in cohesion with mother earth? Do you want to be involved in a real life project? Do you want to help our intentional community to grow and see how an alternative lifestyle look like? Come and join us to share you knowledge and your skills.

But what are Global Natives?

The term Global Native describes those who are native to planet Earth and feel that their life purpose is to contribute to the development of a new enlightened, organic, Mother Earth-friendly, peaceful permaCULTURE and awareness on a practical everyday level. We work to create unity between ourselves and nature with this lifestyle.

On the spiritual side, we connect to our Higher Self and Gaia – the great spirit of Mother Earth – to become free and independent from egoism and capitalism, gaining knowledge directly from our spiritual source so we know for sure what is best for us and our planet. With Global Natives you can find alterNatives to the mainstream!

Any native of this planet is a potential Global Native, and is welcome to participate. Take an active role with one of our projects.