Global Natives in NZ

Mother Earth


A bout us Global Native is an initiative founded by people for humans interested in a  sustainable and creative present and future but what are  Global Natives ? The word Global Natives describes humans who are native to the planet Earth and feel that their life purpose is contributing to the development of a new  organic Mother Earth friendly peaceful perma-culture and awareness on a practical every day level. On the Spiritual side, we connect to our Higher Self and the great spirit to becoming more free and independent in order to get information direct from our spiritual source so we know for sure watt is best to do for us & our planet – Mother Earth. What can I do at the Global Natives place ? Guest and participants  have following option. TOTAL HOLYDAY – RECOVERING -HEALING and enjoying the nature and taking part in some social / cultural activities ( pleas making a fair  donation )  or doing in the morning some Karmayoga (voluntary practical hands on – impute, learning by doing, in to our permaculture project. or you can do WWOOFing (for food an accommodation ). In the afternoon  we spend time at the beach and  host sometime workshops, the evenings are filled with gathering around the Teepee fire celebrating, sharing live music and other acts – thoughts and visions,  and nice chai – tea.  (we are an ALCOHOL FREE event ) When dose it start ? Any time,  the more busy time is throw out the summer . Just get in contact with us and we can arrange a  time for you We look forward greatly to meeting you at our place Thank you for connecting  with Mother Earth and the Global Natives ALOHA Black Bear – Ursus

CONTAKT: mail:                               Text and  Mobil 027 352 09 52

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