The Global Native intentional community in New Zealand is always looking for more support. There are several ways to get involved in our mouvement:

  • Volunteer remotely. Anybody living anywhere can contribute because no matter where you are born, where you live or travel – you are Global Native! Please, get in touch with us to discuss how you could work with us and support the mouvement remotely.
  • Stay at the Global Native intentional community on a long-term basis to live and support the Global Native mouvement. Our large land has many opportunities to offer for you to create your own space. You can make a visitors’ appointment to see the project, get to know the people there and then to decide if you want to stay longer.
  • Stay temporarily at the Spirit of Nature intentional community in Golden Bay New Zealand (wwoofing). More information
  • We would also like to connect with similar projects and are open to suggestion.
  • Donations or sponsorship of any kind are also very welcome.