The Bioversity- Live school

“Becoming a “Global Native” ! learn it at the BioversityLive school”

“Be yourself the change that you desire for this world ! ”

Mahatma Gandhi


We are offering a 4, 6 or 12 month learning and training program for a sustainable MOTHER EARTH LOVING future and a Global-Native culture

We all know that humanity has now come to a crossroad, meaning for us: “to be” or “not be”.  A good Future ! or bad disaster !

But the egoistic, capitalistic system has made most of us addicted to such a system, and that we want more, more and new and newer fashion with out any end !

And we do know this is bad for the Planet and us! But the many humans cant get out of this trap of our own perdition, because of addiction, weakness or stupidity.

Is there no escape from this curse?

Yes there is!

For some it is faith ! For others, it is visions like those of the Global Native, where faith, knowledge, tradition and experience unites to form a genious, motivating and new higher dimension. This is helping us immensly to form the future we really want, deep down in our hearts.

Hear is our project:

Bioversity: a new Life-school project for the next generation of Global Natives!

This is a one year Demeter, Eco-village, Permaculture learning experience – combined with a world round trip of learning and living in an Eco-Village / community, starting in Portugal, Canada, USA to central and south America, New Zealand and finishing in Asia before returning home.

This is to learn a different life from mainstream – a life in an Eco-village is realistic and can bring your life in a new dimension for a better, more natural fulfilling happy life. This is what the planet needs, and you deserve to be a part from that vision for a Mother Earth loving culture.

Become a Global Native and learn it at the Bioversity Life-school because most of us are lost children from Mother Earth! Welcome Home! Mother Earth is calling and wanting you!

When do we start?

There are 3 versions: 1 Year / 6 month and 4 month

1 Year study (1 year certificate)

1.10.2018 – 30.9.2019

3 week Eco-village -in Portugal or North Amerika *

Flight to Portugal and Mexico

3 weeks Eco-village in Mexico / Central America*

3 weeks Eco-village South America*

6 month build up Eco-village in New Zealand#

3 weeks Eco-village Asia *

6 month study (6 month certificate)

6 month build up Eco-village in New Zealand# from 1.11.2018 – 30.4 2019

4 month study (4 month certificate)

4 month build up Eco-village in New Zealand# from 1.1.2019 – 30.4. 2019

* = at the moment we are negotiating with eco-villages in that region and by the end of September  we will have results!

# = this place is set at the Spirit of Nature, at Mount SoNNoS in Golden Bay, New Zealand where Global-Natives are building up an eco-settlement in transmission to an eco-village.

Global Natives at Mt. SoNNoS (Spirit of Nature) in New Zealand could be regarded as the original core of many different projects. The tribe, or community, is a group of people who live there while working on these. However, anybody living anywhere can contribute because no matter where you are born, where you live or travel – you are a Global Native! You are more than welcome to contribute and help us! Please see our Projects page. We would also like to connect with similar projects and are open to suggestion. Donations or a sponsorship of any kind are also very welcome to us. Just email:

The possibilities are:

  • in the Bioversity-Liveschool , internship, volunteering, Karma Yoga, eco-holiday

Participation at Mt. SoNNoS

To participate directly at Mt. SoNNoS with the Global-Native tribe in New Zealand you can contact us by e-mail, text or phone and making a visitors appointment to see the project and get to know the people there. Please get in touch.

Global-Native   . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Small is beautiful. . . . . 

Do you feel the need to look for an alternative lifestyle in harmony with nature? Would you like to learn how to live of the land? Are you ready to become an active member in the creation of a Mother Earth loving culture?

We are global natives, a growing network looking to spread awareness and figure out solutions in the path towards the creation of a new culture rooted in respect and love to our home, Mother Earth.

What is a Global Native ?

A Global Native is a person that feels deeply connected to Mother Earth; a person that feels the duty to take care of the biodiversity of our planet and who is actively searching for solutions to move towards a peaceful and sustainable future.

We are hosting people every time to learn together, share our skills, talk about how our present choices will affect the future, make new connections, find innovative solutions, keep spreading awareness and support each other during these times of change.

Become a global native, be part of this global movement and make history with us!

Would you like to share your knowledge with us? Feel free to come up with your own Workshop, presentation or activity and share it with all of us.

If you desire to learn about HUNA spirituality, how to connect with your higher-self, permaculture, psychology, science, or even wood crafts, ask Usus or Joe and they will be happy to show you what they know!

Do you want to create a new way of living in cohesion with mother earth? Do you want to be involved in a real life project? Do you want to help our intentional community to grow and see how an alternative lifestyle looks like? Come and join us to share you knowledge and your skills.

Our place :

Our place is a great base for a variety of hiking trips through a unique nature & landscape. Ideal for internal, soul and spiritual journey & vision-quest, as well as for outdoor adventure. A place for deep relaxation, healing, inspiration, fitness & wellness. You can experience very interesting & like-minded people next to an amazing mountain setting with astonishing views, forest-park, lagoon, estuary, river and beaches with safe swimming.

We hope to see you here! It is important, this is the time to support each other and find new solutions and start a new Mother Earth loving Lifestyle! All this is possible together!


PLACE: TAKAKA Golden Bay / Mohua / Nelson .


How to get to our place?

We are living on a scenic hillside overlooking the beautiful landscape of Golden Bay and the “Top of the South”, 25min drive from Takaka @ the 1891 Takaka Collingwood Highway in Milnthorpe – Golden Bay.

Coming from Takaka, you find in the Milnthorpe Forest Park area on your left a colourful sign pointing up the hill “SPIRIT OF NATURE”. This is opposite the turn to the Milnthorpe quay on the right marked with a blue sign.

You follow this colourful sign on your left pointing up the hill, “SPIRIT OF NATURE” which is 300 Meters and then you are here. Welcome home !

There are good Hitchhiking opportunities and so far this is safe as well for women. . . . . !

In the summer there is once a day a Bus from Nelson 3.30 PM to Takaka /Collingwood 6.00 PM. Cost approx. $ 45.oo and if you tell the driver he will stop for you right on the Highway in Milnthorpe Forest Park, were our sign is and our drive starts up the hill.

Have a safe and nice trip and take this contact from Black Bear: 027 352 09 52 in case your journey is changing. THANKS

What to bring ? Music instrument (acoustic only) Art tools, good books to share and happiness. Sorry no dogs.


– E-Mail:

– Mobil: Ursus – Black Bear 027 352 09 52

GREATINGS and ALOHA from us:

Ursus-The- Black-Bear CH/NZ & the Global-Native Tribe & Network for a Mother Earth Loving Culture.


Be the change you want to see in the world, and learn it with us!

Bioversity Nature Campus:


November 2018 – April 2019 in Golden Bay – New Zealand


A 1, 3, or 6 month summer internship with workshops and education for a sustainable, Mother-Earth loving culture, and a natural way of life!



The living alternative to the University

If you would like to make a career in the system, go to a university. However, if you would like to develop and grow beyond the conventional and make a career in an alternative culture and lifestyle, join us!


Our Natural Campus is the alternative to the University. We are a School for sustainable and natural – organic way of life. Learning by doing, healing and new awareness for futuristic Mother Earth loving culture!

Today, universities offer courses in all topics you can think of, except an all inclusive, practical course to learn about holistic, natural culture and sustainable Mother-Earth loving lifestyle is not yet offered. That’s why our Bioversity Nature Campus, offering a place for learning and training all related topics. Because such a Mother-Earth Loving culture is urgently needed for mankind and her future!

We want to make the alternative knowledge and ideas for natural, organic and futuristic ways of living that have been made in the last 30 to 100 and more years accessible to everyone interested.


In 2016 we are starting courses about organic building, Bio-Dynamic, gardening, farming, and landscaping, the principles of permaculture, usage of renewable green energy, alternative technologies, naturopathy and complementary medicine and therapy, ecological and socially fair economical systems, social art, teamwork, communal living, self governance, development of consciousness, spirituality, survival strategies, eco tourism and many other things that support the development of a sustainable culture.

Students can study all the topics in 10 modules or choose an individual program. The Bioversity nature campus is a live school or school for living life for all ages.


The education and training model of the Bioversity Nature Campus is based on three main principles:



  1. Learning by Doing: We teach on site, immersed in nature, working with nature. This means the students live simple and naturally in the countryside. Here we practice and develop further what we learn in the courses.


  1. Learning in a Team: We share the work and support each other in everything we do. The basis is working towards goals as a team; not as an individual. At Global Native we focus on sharing, helping, and healing each other.


  1. Learning for Everyone: We try to make our course as accessible to everyone by offering it at an affordable cost for and accepting students without qualifications.


The training program is aiming to bring participants back to their true, natural potential and achieve sustainability in the student’s life and eventually in society. The basic introductory course can be the start to a new occupational chapter for seekers and people who would like a real chance in their lives towards an alternative future.


Before starting the 10 module course, we offer our students a 1, 3, or a 6 month basic introductory course where we look at all the topics to get a good overview. This gives the students the opportunity to individually choose courses according to personal preference and interest.


Participants require an adequate level of fitness and health because our courses have a strong focus on working within nature.




  • Module 1 + 2Eco Tourism
    • Theoretically and practically


  • Module 3 + 4Gardening & Landscaping
    • According to the principals of Bio-Dynamic, Organic and permaculture, organic diet and nutrition, wild plants and fruit.


  • Module 5 + 6Eco Building and Energy
    • Alternative technologies, sustainable economical systems and sustainable living


  • Module 7Naturopathy and alternative medicine
    • Natural healing and therapy

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  • Module 8New Consciousness: Awareness and Spirituality
    • Arts and Crafts


  • Module 9 + 10Diploma, Master and Individual projects
    • This can be on your own property, in a community or as a project for a partner. For a successful project we can offer you a Diploma, Master certificate.



Couse Details New Zealand from November 2018 to April 2019


  • 1 month (Trial) – $415 all inclusive*
  • 3 month (Training) – $385 per month all inclusive*
  • 6 month (Foundation) – $345 per month all inclusive*
    • It is important to Global Native Bioversity to have the cost be as affordable as possible for the student. The All Inclusive fees above have been calculated as follows:
      • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; everyday = $5/day
      • Accommodation – Camping Options (in your on tent, vans, etc.) = Free!
        • We have 4 Sleep Outs (camper vans able to sleep 2x people) available as a first come, first serve option = $30/week or $40/week (w/ running water)
      • Full-time Mentor – Global Native Bioversity has one full-time mentor that helps with the hands on projects and facilitating group discussions = $55/month
      • Specialized Mentor – Once a month, Global Native Bioversity features a specialized instructor that focuses on 1or 2 of the 10 modules = $40/month


We recommend the Foundation course from spring to autumn. This is very important to understand the growing season in gardens and field.


There is the opportunity to take part in a teepee sowing course and build your temporary shelter / accommodation on site in the beginning of the course / workshop.


The cost for the 1, 3, and 6 month basic introduction course has to be paid prior to the start of the course. In certain situations special agreements can be made.


The Bioversity principals can be adapted all over the world. It teaches participants practical knowledge and empowers them to start their own sustainable project.


The Bioversity projects are part of a growing Global Native culture and are supporting the development of a new sustainable and conscious lifestyle in our post-industrial era and open a new practical outlook in your future and the future of Mother-Earth loving culture.


More information:


Registration by e-mail: – Ursus (Black Bear) Schwarz

(NOT ACTIVE ADRESS. . . .……..)