How to Survive Capitalism?

By the Global Native Ursus Schwarz founder of the SONNOS community. In this new book he talks about solutions to our global problems we face today.

This article was published in The G.B. Weekly Newspaper on the 16th of February 2018, for 3 Book Launches in Golden Bay on the 17th, 18th and 24th of February 2018.

Find the book in German and English here as a gift:

Mother earth loving culture

Below is a short summary of what the book is about, first in English and then German.

We earth born and natives of planet Earth are „Global Natives“. We no longer let 1% insane capitalists and egoists take us 99% captive to their system which destroys our dear Mother Earth. These books present the revolutionary liberation and daily routine practice of Global Natives.

They describe our philosophy, strategy and the history of our culture islands and how it is to live, with humans, a loving Mother Earth Culture and a new expanded consciousness existence. It is NOW that we need visions and revolutions for future cultures. It is the WE in Global Native, that makes us stronger to participate in r-e-volutions of the conscious being, to actively get in touch through networks and to make Mother Earth and ourselves happy through loving care.

Open the future visions. . .  Become a Global Native learn it at the Bioversity !

This book shows ways to save humans and earth. But how do we free ourselves from a civilization which has gone insane? Through the development of a new conscious being and the creation of alternatives to the capitalist dictatorship.

A book about Global Native theory and practice is intended to assist with renewing one‘s personal life. But humankind as a whole and our civilization require this transformation. This book shines light on our personal and global situation and reports on actions of importance for a future culture. It explains the philosophical spiritual foundation of the Global Native vision.

The Global Native vision has relationships to the Essenes and proto-christianity, to the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner and the Hawaian Huna culture, to the Hopi indians and their predictions about our time, to the revolution of 1968, the occupy movement of 2012 and other philosophies.

The Global Native vision is independent of religious beliefs and can be applplied anywhere, but it can also be combined with atheism, shamanism and various other religions, how ever it may appear most useful for your development.

This book has good prerequisites to become a cult book for a sustainable transition to a peaceful and happy future culture.

Contents in headline :

  • The 7 years of the great transition 2016 – 2023 and later . . .
  • Can we humans really be saved?
  • Are there any ways to the future?
  • How could the future look ?
  • About global and socio-ecological skill
  • About the liberation from ego dominance and the end of capitalism
  • About the transition to a truly socio-ecological free market
  • After the conquest of the pentagon of the wicked
  • And the most important aspect : a naturally loving revelation and opening towards the higher self and the wonderful inspiration, healing and rejuvenation which we receive thereby
  • We are Occupy, the 99% and the future: The new We, global natives and human lobby.
  • How to recreate paradise or, if we do nothing, send ourselves to a self-made hell
  • Alternatives and a future-compatible system now
  • A life in paradise is possible, happy. naturally loving, and healthy
  • About the transformation or the end of current civilization in its present structure
  • The coming of the new peaceful age of Global Native humans on the bestowed earth
  • What are the development perspectives of the Global Native vision?
  • Why the situation could become worse before it gets better and why this is not inevitable
  • A look into the connection between cancer, egotism, capitalism, war, and the madness of the ideology of a neoliberal economy and a New World Order