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Global Native is an initiative founded by and for people who would like to live a new sustainable culture together with Planet Earth. The Global Native vision is a culture of paradise in which everybody can live in freedom and peace, with love for each other and creation – without exploitation, oppression or enrichment, at the expense of nature or society. We can learn from the natural tribes (native people) to bring the spirit of Mother Earth back to the centre of our culture and overcome egoism and capitalism. By acting in a sustainable and creative way, we can establish a sense of community that will replace the currently dominant, selfish ego. Our life is guided by universal love, and a connection to our higher self and the spirit of creation. We want to protect our Mother Earth through this awareness of being a Global Native, and renew and beautify it at a cultural level. This is our ancient natural right, and the goal of development, that we can wake up, and be reborn into a new life.

Our lives and the life of our planet is not for sale! It is free and natural, though we first have to obtain it back again for ourselves, because it has been taken from us! This site will give you information about how we attempt to reach those goals in real life. We wish you endurance, joy and hope … ALOHA!

There are not yet many people understanding the vision of the Global Native and the awareness of being of a service to the world and helping to develop a new loving MOTHER EARTH CULTURE and to gather with like-minded people. Most people are after their own land to live and work with their Family. The concept of a new age Tribe is still very young and it needs time to grow.


We are inviting real activists of the old Hopi Vision “the Rainbow Warrior for Peace” to save Mother Earth.
From us, Rainbow- GLOBAL-NATIVE/Nuovo-Walser activists for natural LIVING /LEARNING /LOVING and HEALING:
Build a new tribe and network with us, for a Mother Earth loving PERMA-culture community.

We are Rainbow Brothers and Sisters, going on to the next level, with the rainbow vision to support and build a new Tribe, community and network on free land. This movement is for like-minded people taking the old Hopi Vision “the Rainbow Warrior for Peace” to heart and are prepare to be a serious activist and volunteer to make the Vision coming true for a lifetime project.