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Become a Global-Native
Experience the VISION
Learn and live it in our BIOversity
Talk with the Spirit of Nature @ Mt. SoNNoS
and Mother Earth-GAIA and Father Sky !
Aquire new skills in organic farming and permaculture while
connecting to your Higher Self and Spiritual Source.
Experience the glorious GOLDEN BAY

Free tutoring & accommodation (if available)
Our communal meals are based on donations!

Join our thriving community for at least 2 week-
(longer stay is preferred) or come to our
Teepee evening gatherings around the fire
to find out more about Global-Native Living & VISION:
daily from 7-11 PM

Mob: 027 277 37 65
Or mail Ursus: uur@gmx.ch

Global-Native/Spirit of Nature/Nr.1891 Takaka-Collingwood. SHW60, in Milnthorpe, GOLDEN BAY, 17K past Takaka, 5K past The Mussel Inn, 5K before Collingwood

About us . . . . .
Global Native is a concept devised by people and Mother Earth-Gaia spirit for those interested in an enlightened, sustainable and creative present and future.
But what are Global Natives ? The term Global Native describes those who are native to planet Earth and feel that their life pur-pose is to contribute to the development of a new enlightened, organic, Mother Earth friendly, peaceful perma-CULTURE and awareness on a practical every day level. We work to create unity between ourselves and nature with this lifestyle.
On the spiritual side, we connect to our Higher Self and Gaia-the great Spirit of Mother Earth to become free and independent from egoism and capitalism, getting information directly from our spiritual source so we know for sure what is best for us & our planet.
What one can do at the Global Natives place Find AlterNatives to the Mainstream!

Become a Global-Native! Experience the VISION! Learn and live it in our BIOversity.Talk with the Spirit of Nature @ Mt. SoNNoS and Mother Earth-GAIA and Father Sky! LEARNING BY DOING – RECOVERING – HEALING enjoying nature and taking part in some social / cultural activities. in the morning doing some KarmaYoga (voluntary practical hands on), learning by doing, in our permaculture project, (Please make a fair donation for 3 healthy communal meals per day) In the afternoon, we spend time at the beach, in the forest, and sometimes host workshops. The evenings are filled with gathering around the Teepi fire celebrating, sharing live music and other acts – thoughts and visions, and herbal tea, we are an ALCOHOL FREE space and smoking is disciuraged. When does it start ? Any time! the busiest time is throughout the summer. Get in touch with us and we can arrange a time for you. We look forward to meeting you at our placeALOHA, Black Bear – Ursus webside: www.global-native.org

CONTAKT: mail: uur@gmx.ch      Mobil 027 227 37 65

We – the Global-Natives- are always welcoming open-minded people seeking alternative ways of living to help, learn, and enjoy a new sense of community on our 7 ha eco-farm. Ursus Schwarz (translated as “Black-Bear”), is the founder and present caretaker of this farm. He has been working and living in various sustainable villages around the world, mainly in Switzerland and New Zealand. Some years ago, Ursus created the “BIOversity-SoNNoS“- a charitable trust in Golden Bay. Here, he shares his life and space with like-minded people. He has hosted over 200 guests so far and warmly welcomes more people who want to live and learn about Global-Natives, permaculture, farming, and self-sustained alternative living. We ask for a minimum stay of 3 weeks, with the option to become a permanent member of our community. Shorter visits are possible as exceptions.

Usually we start the day together around 7am to a Swiss Alphorn, played by the caretaker of Mt. SoNNos, Ursus “Black Bear”- followed a sunrise meditation and a yummy raw fruit & oats porridge for breakfast, where we discuss the plans for the day and everybody gets a project for the day such as eco-building, trail-making, constructing solar showers, erecting composting toilets, taking care of the fruit trees or the vegetable and herb garden. As the vision for this sacred land is quite large, there are always many interesting and rewarding things to do, and we welcome your creative input and new ideas!

In addition to showing technical skills, Ursus Black Bear can also teach a lot about Huna-spirituality from Hawaii- how to use the Higher Self connection in order to live in harmony with nature.

Golden Bay is a beautiful area to explore while experiencing a new way of living. We do not farm for sale, only to eventually sustain ourselves. Additionally, everything on the land is recycled. We have composting toilets, basic bathing/shower facilities. There are chickens, ducks, fruit trees, vegetables gardens, herbs, etc. You can sleep in a Tipi, a converted caravan, or camp somewhere on the beautiful property for free, but we might have to ask for a donation of 5-10 NZD per day to our communal meals in times of high amounts of volunteers and spontaneous visitors. There is no wifi, just a very slow dial up. Living here is a valuable down to earth experience. We are 25 minutes from funky Takaka, 10 minutes walk from the beach, inlet, lagoon, river-mouth and a forest-park, up on a beautiful hillside, surrounded by nature.

The Vision is to create an Eco-village with a BIOversity- a school for learning all the skills we need to build a new culture. If you feel the calling to contribute to this beautiful project and don`t mind using composting toilets or even enjoy living a basic and down to earth life without WiFi and little mobile signals you have found the right place. So, again, we welcome you to come join us on this communal journey towards living in harmony with the land as we eat together, sing songs, and share our experiences in the old tradition of talking circles around the fire in a cosy Tipi every evening.

Aloha and Welcome Home!


Email uur@gmx.ch

Mobil 027 227 37 65