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Global-Native Summer Gathering

Small is beautiful

Do you feel the need to look for an alternative lifestyle in harmony with nature? Would you like to learn how to live of the land?  Are you ready to become an active member in the creation of a Mother Earth loving culture? 

We are global natives, a growing  network looking to spread awareness and figure out solutions in the path  towards the creation of a new culture rooted in respect and love to our home, Mother Earth. 

A Global Native is a person that feels deeply connected to Mother Earth; a person that feels the duty to take care of the biodiversity of our planet and who is actively searching for solutions to move towards a peaceful and sustainable future. 

This summer we are hosting a gathering to learn together, share our skills, talk about how our present choices will affect the future, make new connections, find innovative solutions, keep spreading awareness and support  each other during these times of change.

Become a global native, be part of this global movement and make history with us!


We invite you to join our intentional community and experience how an alternative lifestyle could look like. We have an open program with a good & diverse variety of workshops.

  • In the Morning is learning by doing:

Mediation, Yoga, Permaculture, Organic-Gardening, Land maintenance, Fire- wood, Clay-building, herbs, food, and more.

  • In the afternoon and evening is:

Workshops, open-discussion and creativity time!

Would you like to share your knowledge with us? Feel free to come up with your own Workshop, presentation or activity and share it with all of us.

Some of the workshops and open-discussion activities we have planned so far are:

  1. Art & crafts
  2. Eatable Herbs & healing plant’s tours,
  3. The basic Knowledge of herbalism, Naturopathies & Spiritual Healing with Angela Herbert.
  1. Vision Quest & the Vision of the Global Native for a loving Mother Earth culture.

We highly recommend  Vision-quest , Vision  reinforcement & activating search with us! For this we can support you with our personal Advise & Experience in Harmony with Nature in a wild romantic environment.

  1. The Biodiversity-Live-School project for every age and UBUNTU ( is an African word and philosophy describing the fact that everything is interconnected.
  2. Learn how to connect to your higher Self & Mother Earth.
  3. Discover your Super Consciousness and Traditional Hawaiian Spirituality.

This is a workshop for Self-Liberation from the unhealthy Domination of Egoism & Capitalism. The Journey from City-Indians or a City Person to a Global-Native & a Rainbow-Warrior for Peace with The Black Bear.

  1. Soul Travel – A Journey into your Soul, Vitality, Health and Consciousness –

Bring your Body and Soul together. The Power is in you!  (This workshop is offered upon request)


Our place is a great base for a variety of hiking trips through a unique nature & landscape. Ideal for internal, soul and spiritual journey & vision-quest, as well as for outdoor adventure. A place for deep relaxation, healing, inspiration, fitness & wellness. You can experience very interesting & like-minded people next to an amazing mountain  setting with astonishing views,  forest-park, lagoon,  estuary, river and beaches with save swimming. We have ponies for  trekking tours & hypo therapy.

We hope to see you here! Do this, this summer! It is important, this is the time to support each other and find new solutions  and start a new Mother Earth loving Lifestyle! All this is possible with us!


– 1.Summer Event  24.12.2016 -28.1.2017

– 2. .Summer Event 9.2.2017 -28.4.2017

You decide yourself how long you like to stay with us.


By donation ($5 per day for food / 3 vegetarian meals) we welcome bigger donations to build our Bioversity Live school Project

PLACE: TAKAKA  – Golden Bay / Mohua / Nelson .  NEW ZEALAND /AOTEAROA

How to get to our place?

We are living on a scenic hillside overlooking the beautiful landscape of Golden Bay and the “Top of the South”, 25min drive from Takaka @ the 1891 Takak – Collingwood Highway in  Milnthorpe -Golden Bay.

Coming from Takaka,  you find in the Milnthorpe Forest Park  area on your left a colourful sing pointing up the hill “ SPIRIT OF NATURE “This is opposite of the turn to the Milnthorpe quay on to the right marked with a blue sign.

So if you following this colourful sing on your left a pointing up the hill “ SPIRIT OF NATURE” it is 300 Meter and you are here. Welcome home !

There are good Hitchhiking opportunities and so far this is safe as well for women. . . . . !

And  there is once a day a Bus from Nelson 3.30 PM to Takaka /Collingwood 6.00 PM . Cost approx. $ 45.oo  and if you tell the driver he will stop for you right on the Highway in Milnthorpe Forest Park,  were our sign is and our drive starts up the hill.

Every Sunday evening or Monday morning, you might be able to get a ride with JO: 022 136 98 99 from Nelson or Richmond please arrange with him !

Have a save and nice Trip and take this Nr from Black Bear: 027 352 09 52 in case your journey is changing. THANKS

What to bring ? Bring your outdoor stuff, tent , mat, sleeping bag, music instrument  (acoustic only ) Art tools, good books to share and your bowl for eating . Sorry no dogs.

Info’s & Bookings: we prefer if you let us know your intension, when you are coming and for how long you would like to stay ( but this is not a condition)

– Homepage:

– E-Mail:

– Mobil: Ursus – Black Bear  027 352 09 52

GREATINGS and ALOHA from us:

Ursus-The- Black-Bear CH/NZ & the new Ache Global-Native Tribe & Network for a Mother Earth Loving Culture.

** We strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Do not bring drugs or alcohol.




But what are Global Natives?

The term Global Native describes those who are native to planet Earth and feel that their life purpose is to contribute to the development of a new enlightened, organic, Mother Earth-friendly, peaceful permaCULTURE and awareness on a practical everyday level. We work to create unity between ourselves and nature with this lifestyle.

On the spiritual side, we connect to our Higher Self and Gaia – the great spirit of Mother Earth – to become free and independent from egoism and capitalism, gaining knowledge directly from our spiritual source so we know for sure what is best for us and our planet. With Global Natives you can find alterNatives to the mainstream!

Any native of this planet is a potential Global Native, and is welcome to participate. Take an active role with one of our projects.

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