By the Global Native Ursus Schwarz founder of the SONNOS community. In this new book he talks about solutions to our global problems we face today.

This article was published in The G.B. Weekly Newspaper on the 16th of February 2018, for 3 Book Launches in Golden Bay on the 17th, 18th and 24th of February 2018.

Find the book in German and English here as a gift:

Searching for Alter-NATIVES to the Mainstream?

Global Native is an initiative founded by and for people who would like to live a new sustainable culture together with Planet Earth. The Global Native vision is a culture of paradise in which everybody can live in freedom and peace, with love for each other and for Mother Earth – without exploitation, oppression or enrichment, at the expense of nature or society. We can learn from the natural tribes (native people) to bring the spirit of Mother Earth back to the center of our culture and overcome egoism and capitalism. By acting in a sustainable and creative way, we can establish a sense of community that will replace the currently dominant, selfish ego. Our life is guided by universal love, and a connection to our higher self and the spirit of creation. We want to protect our Mother Earth through this awareness of being an ACTIVE Global Native.

Invented by Ursus Black Bear, the term Global Native describes those who are native to planet Earth and feel that their life purpose is to contribute to the development of a Mother Earth loving culture. 
On the spiritual side, we connect to our Higher Self and Gaia the Great Spirit of Mother Earth to become free and independent from egoism and capitalism, getting information directly from our spiritual source so we know for sure what is best for us & our planet.

Would you like to learn more about such an alternative and maybe support it? You can either:

  • Go through our website for more information
  • Get the book “How to survive capitalism” (Available in English and German)
  • Come to experience it with the Global Native intentional community in the Golden Bay in New Zealand.